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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

At Bethell Hospice, we believe equity, diversity and inclusion is about creating a culture that embraces the uniqueness of individuals and is representative of our local and surrounding communities.

Equity means that people of all identities are treated fairly. Their individual rights, responsibilities and opportunities are not dependent upon identity.

Diversity consists of the conditions, expressions, and experiences of different individuals. It encompasses the unique qualities and characteristics that we all possess.

Inclusion is the cultivation of an environment in which all people are respected, where their differences are celebrated, and where they all have access to the same opportunities.

We value equity, diversity, and inclusion because every person has a right to equal treatment and care, and we are strengthened by diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Building an equitable, diverse, and inclusive organization is collaborative and requires those in positions of privilege to be allies to those who are marginalized. We commit to be open to learning and know that this is an ongoing and evolving journey we are on.

Through our commitment to ongoing awareness, authenticity and accountability, we will cultivate an environment where all team members feel a sense of true belonging.

Adapted with permission from The University of Guelph https://www.uoguelph.ca/ib/EDI_Statement

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