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Spiritual Care Supports

Spiritual Care Supports

For some, spirituality is an expression of faith and religion. For others, it is expressed in other ways: finding purpose and meaning through body, mind, heart and spirit; expressions of love for family and friends; or through art, music, creation or meditation. Talking with a Spiritual Care Provider provides a safe, confidential space during the challenging time of dealing with a life-limiting illness, while caring for those who are ill, or making sense of the feelings associated with the death of a love one.      

Spiritual Care supports and services include:

  • One-to-One Supportive Counselling
  • exploring feelings of abandonment, anger, confusion, betrayal, numbness, fear, despair, guilt, meaninglessness, purposelessness, loss of hope, isolation, powerlessness, chaos, loneliness, or emotional hurt
  • employing rituals
  • finding purpose and meaning
  • making connections to spirituality and religion
  • Support Groups
  • Facilitating connections with religious leaders and faith communities
  • Providing assistance with after-life rituals, memorials and funerals
  • Linkages & referrals to complementary supports
  • Education & Resources

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